YO50|Instant hot water dispenser under cabinet

【Drinking water should be so easy and elegant】

No heat tank, the most beautiful and lightest water dispenser in the industry, it is not only a water dispenser at home, but also a beautiful decoration, with precise temperature control and one-button touch water outlet is the most convenient.

  • Using patented nano-film quartz heater
  • High heat conversion rate, one-button hot water
  • Timed UV ultraviolet sterilization for cold water tanks
  • Five-stage temperature setting: normal temperature, 45°C, 65°C, 85°C, 100°C
  • Four-stage quantitative water outlet: 150ml / 350ml / 500ml / 999ml
  • Lightweight, can be installed under the cabinet

【Green tile quality is good and safe】

  • Two-year warranty for the whole machine
  • The strictest protection of safety
  • Insure the highest product liability insurance of 32 million

Commodity content: Host x1, Faucet x1

Including standard installation service:
Refers to the basic installation with the parts attached to the product box. If there are additional requirements for materials beyond the scope, or there are requirements for piping, power distribution, and digging holes (no digging, no glass cutting), the installation technician will quote on site according to the construction content. Additional purchase.

If the washing hole of the countertop is made of special materials, such as marble, quartz stone, natural stone and other hard or rare stones, the washing service will not be provided.

建議售價 : NT$36,000


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With combination filter

【Rewatt X BRITA】Mypure P1 Under Cabinet Water Purification System Combination

Suggested selling price: NT$45,300


【Rewatt X BRITA】Mypure Pro X6 Ultra Microfiltration Water Purification System Combination

Suggested selling price: NT$57,000


【Rewatt X BRITA】Mypure Pro X9 Ultra Microfiltration Water Purification System Combination

Suggested selling price: NT$68,700


【Rewatt X 3M】S004 櫥下型淨水系統組合

Suggested selling price: NT$49,400



【Rewatt YO-50飲水機適用】110V轉220V升壓器


【Rewatt YO-50飲水機適用】漏水斷路器專屬海綿2入



Exclusive patented quartz heating

Quartz heater, separated from water and electricity, adopts similar surface to generate heat, with a thermal efficiency of 98%, no scale, no hot cylinder, and no thousand-boiling water.


Rapid heating

Instantly turn on and heat, no need to wait, five-stage water outlet temperature setting: normal temperature water, 45°C, 65°C, 85°C, 100°C


Quantitative hot water output

Four-stage water output: 150ml, 300ml, 500ml, 999ml.


Security lock

Multiple safety function protections to avoid burns caused by accidental touch.


UV sterilization

The drinking water in the cold water tank is sterilized by ultraviolet rays every hour.


Smart faucet

Touch design, intuitive, considerate, easy to use, both aesthetic and texture, adopts lead-free touch faucet, which can be rotated 110°.


Filter replacement reminder

Filter replacement reminder design, 180 days automatic reminder replacement.

Common problem

A You can ask the hydropower master to pull the 220V water dispenser special circuit, and use the 220V special socket hole.

A Drilling services are provided for general desktop materials. For special materials such as marble, quartz stone or natural stone and other hard or rare stones, drilling services are not provided. Professional milling masters are required to assist.

A The water dispenser faucet has indeed turned off the water, but it is normal for water to still drip. Although no more water comes out after closing the faucet, there is still residual water in the pipe. The residual water will flow to the faucet due to pressure and other factors, and will be discharged from the faucet. This causes the faucet to appear to be dripping, but in fact it is just normal residual water. It is recommended to turn the faucet to the sink after use and let the residual water drip into the sink.

A Yes, but we are designed for the storage tank of the cold water tank, and will not heat the water. We will use UV lamps to sterilize the cold water tank at regular intervals. Rewatt is an instant hot water dispenser with the aid of a cold water tank.

In addition to the regular sterilization function of our cold water tank, we also reserve healthy hydrogen-producing water (H2), which is hydrogen water in Japan, for storage.

The design of the cold water tank also solves the problem that the water output of the instant hot water dispenser is too small. The water output of the Rewatt water dispenser is twice that of the commercial water dispenser and the power consumption is less than 30%. It is a healthier and more energy-saving water dispenser. .

The cold water tank solves the problem that the high-temperature water of the instant hot water dispenser will be interrupted or even sprayed with steam, and it also avoids the problem of air bubbles in the water pipe causing empty heating and damage to the heater.

A The water from the machine can be drunk directly. With BRITA or 3M activated carbon filter, the activated carbon particles can improve the taste, and can filter 99.99% of bacteria and 99.9% of heavy metals in water. It has also passed the certification of SGS, so you can drink it raw with confidence.