Since its establishment in 2011, Liyuan Optoelectronics has been committed to the research and development of thermal energy technology. The main core technology lies in the thin-film heating element of the nano-formulation process. This technology has developed energy-saving, fast heating, good thermal uniformity and rich IR (far infrared) The four major characteristics allow it to step into the semiconductor industry and consumer products for people's livelihood.

For a long time, Liyuan Optoelectronics has been adhering to the business philosophy of "fashion, technology, environmental protection, energy saving, and innovation". Through the unique high-efficiency heating elements in the industry, all heating films have passed RoHS related inspections, and can save more than 30% of electricity. Any harmful substances, has a number of product patents.

The company takes "talent-oriented" as the first priority, "social responsibility" as the ultimate commitment, combined with "business philosophy" to form the core value of Liyuan Optoelectronics, forming the company's corporate culture of pursuing sustainable development.

Rewat Semiconductor Thin Film Heating Elements