Rewatt Semiconductor Nano Thin Film Heating Technology

Electricity is the cleanest renewable energy in the world

Like media and oil, there are problems of exhaustion and pollution, but electricity will not pollute. Electric energy can be converted and utilized through [wind power], [fire power], [hydraulic power], [solar power], and even [nuclear energy]. Widely used in various fields such as power, lighting, chemistry, textiles, communications, broadcasting, etc., it is the main driving force for the development of science and technology and economic growth.

The proportion of electricity used in daily life is quite high, and the proportion of thermal energy used in industrial applications even exceeds 70%. Traditional nickel-chromium wire heating is cheap and durable, but in fact, the heat conversion efficiency and heat uniformity of traditional heating wire are not good. Everyone spends their minds on the conversion of different energy sources and ignores how to more effectively convert electric energy into heat energy. Liyuan Optoelectronics invested a lot of resources to develop a professional research and development manufacturer of semiconductor nano-scale heating technology that is unique in the industry, and has high-efficiency heating elements that save more than 30% of electricity.Thermal films have passed RoHS related inspections,It does not contain any harmful substances and has a number of product patents.

We invest a lot of time and resources in Developeddeveloped [semiconductor nanoscale heating technology] heating material that converts electric energy into heat energy,improve the maximum and most efficient heat transfer efficiency.

Variety of heating materials that can be plated!

Ceramic, glass, quartz, mica, enamel



Quartz film heating tube







Quartz tube heating material coating


Coated quartz tube

Electric Water Heater / Inline Heater / Acid Liquid Heater


Inner coated quartz tube

Electric Boiler / Pure Water Heating Equipment

Quartz Features

Water resistance

Good anti-pollution, not easy to get scale: general tap water, mountain spring water, ground water, calcareous water, sulfur water (hot spring water) are applicable.

Heat resistance

High temperature resistance and thermal shock resistance, the coefficient of thermal expansion is very small, so it has a strong ability to withstand the temperature difference of rapid changes in cold and heat, and the thermal conductivity and specific heat are also very low. The maximum operating temperature in a short time can reach 1450 ° C.


Strong durability: a series of excellent physical and chemical properties can make its service life long. Although the cost price is high, its material value, processing value, environmental protection and sanitation, convenience of use and aesthetics all have extremely high additional value. value.

Environmental sanitation

Direct contact between quartz stone and food and human body will not have negative effects, and it is environmentally friendly and hygienic without radiation. Although the cost price is high, its material value, processing value, environmental protection and sanitation, convenience of use and aesthetics all have extremely high added value.

Ceramic heating material coating


Ceramic heating element

Hair Dryer / Electric Heater / Mini Heater

Ceramic Features

Far infrared

Effectively release far-infrared rays with a wavelength of 8-14um, with a radiation rate of 89%, which can penetrate and resonate the human body, and promote blood circulation.

Low electromagnetic wave

Using its own ceramics to generate heat, the magnetic field is small through resistive heating, and the ultra-low electromagnetic wave is only 2 milligauss. Resonance effect, and promote blood circulation.

Energy saving

The ceramic honeycomb structure can generate heat evenly and maintain a constant temperature, and is effective in saving energy. The heat conversion efficiency of electric energy is over 98%. , and promote blood circulation.

Environmental sanitation

It will not be red when it is heated, and it will not consume oxygen. It is not only environmentally friendly but will not endanger your health. , resonance effect, and promote blood circulation.

Flat heating material coating


Ceramic plate

Industrial IF heating plate


Quartz / glass plate

Barbecue Plate / Warming Plate

Product technical advantages